How To Pick The Right Shingle Color To Match Your Home

How To Pick The Right Shingle Color To Match Your Home

There is a lot that goes into picking a new roof for your home. One of the most difficult choices is the color of the roof. There are so many great options nowadays, it can be a little overwhelming when you start shopping. Luckily, there are some tried and true ways to ensure that you get the right color to make your home stand out, add to your curb appeal, and increase the value of your home.

Match The Color To Your Paint

If you’ve recently had your home painted or love the color and don’t plan on changing it anytime soon, you can simply match the color to your home. Here is a general guide of what home colors look great with what roof color to point you in the right direction:

  • Red: If your home is painted red or has red brick, consider dark brown, grey, black, or green.
  • Beige: If your home is beige, consider brown, grey, green, blue, and black. 
  • White: If your house is white, any color will work.
  • Brown: If your home is painted brown or has brown stonework or brick siding, consider grey, brown, green, and blue.
  • Grey: If your home is grey or even greige, consider grey, black, green, blue, and white.

Beyond paint and stone finishes, if your home has a wood finish like a log cabin, consider brown, green, black, and grey. All of these color combinations make very attractive palates for your home.

Consider Your Surrounding Environment

Step back and look at your home from a distance. Consider the environment around your home. Are you in a densely-populated metropolitan area where there are other buildings in view? Is your home tucked away in a wooded area? Is your home nestled in a beautiful lawn? Consider what colors will look best in the environment where your home is located. Some of the most beautiful homes have great curb appeal because they naturally blend into their surroundings.  

Get Samples Of Roofing

Before making a long term commitment to a roof color, it’s also a good idea to get samples of the different colors you are considering. Take these samples and place them against your paint color during different times of the day to see how they reflect the light and interact with your home’s color. Also, step back and look at how they blend into the surrounding environment. Seeing the colors in real life as opposed to in a sample book can really help you envision what your home will look like with the color.

At Wilkinson Roofing, our design experts will help you choose a roof color that works for your home and matches your unique taste. Working closely with our supply network, we offer our customers a wide variety of color options that you can’t find anywhere else. No matter what color you are considering, we’ll help you find it and install it perfectly so your home looks great. Give us a call today to get started choosing the right color for your roof.