Watch Out For These Potential Problems With Metal Roofing

Watch Out For These Potential Problems With Metal Roofing

Watch Out For These Potential Problems With Metal Roofing

Metal roofing offers numerous advantages for residential properties. They are affordable, require low maintenance, and can last 50 years or longer if well taken care of. However, trusty as they are, they are not exempt from certain problems. If you have metal roofing in your Lafayette home, check regularly for these five potential problems:

1 – Leaking

Metal roofing is, unfortunately, prone to leaking due to either uncontrollable events or human error during installation. Strong winds, driving rain, heavy snow, and ice damming in IN can trigger leaking. In such a case, you will need repairs right away. Incorrect installation of fasteners, seams, flashing, and sealants causes leaking in metal roofs. Make sure you hire a reputable contractor to avoid that error.

2 – Scuffing And Scratching

Metal roofing is covered in paint, which makes it highly vulnerable to scratches. Manufacturers and installers typically take extra care not to scratch metal roofs. However, they are not always successful, so you may find a few surface-level scratches on your roof. If you discover a deep scratch or scuff that goes all the way to the metal substrate, contact your manufacturer or contractor and have that panel replaced. On the other hand, if a tree branch is touching and scratching your roof, consider removing that branch as it could cause major damage to your roof.

3 – Corrosion

Metal roofing, with the addition of paint systems or coatings, defends against corrosion and degradation. However, you need to choose a metal that will best stand against corrosion in the environment your home is exposed to. For instance, if you live in a coastal area, the best option is either aluminum or zinc, although take note that even they cannot fully withstand the effects of saltwater on metal. Another common problem is underside corrosion, which is typically caused by an improperly coated underside. Corrosion is an inevitable part of having metal roofing, but you can prolong the life of your roof if you take proper measures early on.

4 – Early Degradation And Staining

Certain metals do not work well with other metals. Using dissimilar metals causes early degradation and staining, which when left untreated could lead to early failure of your metal roofing. Watch out for the types of metals used as fasteners, panels, gutters, rivets, flashing, trim, fascia, drip edges, and other parts that come in contact with your metal roof.

5 – Chalking And Fading

Constant exposure to the weather will wear out your roof. Over time, you will notice chalking—a whitish residue from paint resin breaking down due to exposure to the sun—and fading of paint. These issues may not necessarily cause damage to your metal roofing but they are not aesthetically pleasing. Check with your manufacturer if your roof is covered with a paint warranty so you can have it repainted when needed.

Avoid These Problems Early On

As you can see, most preventable issues with metal roofing may be caused by improper installation. You can increase the chances that your metal roofing is the last roof you’ll purchase by hiring Wilkinson Roofing to install and maintain the metal roof in your Lafayette home.