When to Install Your New Residential Roof

When to Install Your New Residential Roof

When to Install Your New Residential Roof

If you have been considering a new roof for your Lafayette home because your current roof is old or damaged, then you are probably already well aware of how this kind of investment can drain your time and bank account. However, you will find yourself paying even more and losing more time if you ignore the problems with your roof and put off repairs and replacements.

So, when is the best time to install your new residential roof? Well, the good news is that you can replace your roof whenever you need to. As long as you have reliable and experienced roofers on your side, you will have a new roof in no time.

Now, are there better times during the year for a new roof? Yes, and we will go over that in more detail below.


Fall is the best time to replace your roof. There is no harsh weather during the fall months that can ultimately derail the installation, and there is no rain or snow to contend with on a daily basis. During the winter, the rain, snow, and colder weather can extend the length of the roof installation and can cause some hiccups along the way. It can also end up being postponed during the winter months if there is a snowstorm while also causing damage to the roof if it isn't finished.

Summer and Spring

These are also great seasons to install a new roof; however, they aren't without their own issues as well. Spring brings rain showers, and it can rain for weeks in Lafayette. So, if the roof is not completed, again, it can become damaged and more prone to developing leaks. You also see rain showers during the hot summer months as well that can cause the installation to halt until better weather makes its way through.

The summer also has hot weather that can also affect air quality. If it gets too hot or humid outside, the roof replacement may need to pause for some time. Having to make so many stops can affect your schedule and leave you with a roof half-finished for a good portion of the summer.

For all these reasons, you can see why the fall months are the ideal months for any new roof installation or roof repairs. The weather is more manageable, it is not as hot, and you will find relatively few issues along the way. This means your new roof will be complete in a timely manner without the worry of leaks and other damage because of inclement weather.

However, the weather is not something that can be controlled, and if your roof is in desperate need of repair or replacement now, then you shouldn't wait. Contact the experts in Lafayette at Wilkinson Roofing to discuss your options and the times available to install a new roof. They will work with you to make sure the job gets done right.