3 Potential Threats To Residential Roofs

3 Potential Threats To Residential Roofs

Most homeowners don't think about their roofs too often. They just expect them to do the jobs they were intended to do without fail. As long as their heads and belongings stay dry, they are good. However, sitting back and hoping for the best may not be the right strategy. Those that choose such a path can be in for a big surprise when roof damage comes to fruition.

Leaks can develop, seemingly out of nowhere, and wreak havoc on their lives. Peoples' stuff can get ruined because of drips, and nobody wants that. Hence, it is a good idea for Lafayette, IN residents to have their roofs inspected once, if not twice, per year. The action will allow roofers to spot potential problems and apply fixes before roof failure occurs. That means folks won't have to spend their hard-earned money replacing carpeting, wood floors, or electronics because of leaks.


Additionally, increased moisture inside the home can cause mold growth. The fungus isn't pretty to look at, and it can be bad for one's health. Getting mold and mildew removed is not a simple task. Nor is it a cheap one. Often, mold remediation companies have to come in and rid structures of the substances, which is typically quite costly.

Therefore, Lafayette, IN homeowners should get their roofs checked out by professionals to keep these issues at bay. We will now look at three potential threats to residential roofs. So, curious parties should stick around and read on to learn more.


  1. Squirrels

    What? Squirrels can cause Lafayette, IN roof damage. How? When plumbing vents penetrate roofs, they sometimes have lead flashings installed over them. The devices are what prevent rain from traveling down around the pipes and into homes. Squirrels like to gnaw on the soft lead. It helps them wear down their teeth, which continually grow. Thus, if these little critters are living on a person's property, they should let a roofer exam their lead flashings. They can then replace them as needed, perhaps with ones of different materials, to ensure rainwater doesn't get into their homes.


  1. Low Hanging And Heavy Branches

    It can be nice to have trees around one's house. They provide shade and help the structures stay cool in the summer. However, homeowners need to get branches trimmed to keep them away from the roof. When limbs touch shingles, they can make them go bald and produce leaks by removing granules. Not to mention, if branches get too heavy, break, and hit the roof, they can knock holes in the decking. These are some of the reasons why people shouldn't leave or heavy branches as-is.


  1. Wind

    Who knows what the weather holds in store for us in 2021. If this recent arctic blast reveals anything, though, it is that we could be in for a bumpy ride. Storms with strong winds could be just over the horizon, and that isn't good for anybody's roof. Gusts can rip shingles away and send them flying. With nothing left in those spots, rain can soak right through felt paper and decking with no problem. Heavy winds also tear tiles and metal sheets off roofs. Contact Wilkinson Roofing to schedule an inspection after a storm or anytime to keep your roof in tip-top shape.