3 Things You Need To Remember When Reroofing

3 Things You Need To Remember When Reroofing

If you have noticed splotches and streaks, and the more frequent occurrences of drips and leaks, it’s high time to get your budget ready for a reroofing. This may be a once in decades decision, but it will be a tough one, especially if you are on a budget but you also want to ensure total protection against the wind and rain.

Before you dive into the costing of reroofing, consider these three issues with reroofing in Lafayette. These are some points you need to consider and think about because they can spell the difference between premature reroofing in a shorter period of time and an extra five to 10 years happily added to your roof’s new lifespan.

Decide On Overlays or Tear Offs

A big decision is whether you will replace your entire roof with a new one or put a second layer on the existing shingles. Depending on the building code in your area, you can have two layers of asphalt shingles. This is perfect for homeowners who are looking for a less expensive way to strengthen roofs. The only downside is that this will cover up damage from water or rain, which are issues that run deeper than what the eye can see.

Tearing off the shingles to have a new roof can cost more time and resources. It entails two steps: tearing off the old layer and putting an entirely new layer. If your old roof has a lot of damage, you can assess your options after stripping the old layer and then laying on new shingles.

Consult With Roofing Experts On Accessories You Might Need

Roofing tiles seem to be the only things that are necessary for creating a good roof. However, there are actually accessories that could enhance your home’s protection against rain. For instance, ice-and-water shields, shingles, drip edge, and underlayment are all accessories that could enhance your roof’s lifespan.

It is important to note that these are not necessities, so other Lafayette contractors may not include them in the reroofing unless they are asked specifically. Hence, it is important to get a roofing contractor who knows which accessories are essential. They are more likely to suggest their inclusion in the overall building because they know that the roof will last longer.

Consider Some Add-Ons

Renovating your roof may not only mean patching holes from years of wear and tear. If you already have the right structures for it, you can consider adding some unique structures that can change the exterior look of your roof.

For instance, consider having a cooler roof, especially when living in Lafayette. This means using laminated asphalt shingles that have dark granules. These absorb the harsh rays of the sun and bring down the temperature for up to 10 degrees with the reflective material. Of course, this would also mean additional cost, but it would bring down the expenses incurred for turning on airconditioning to battle the heat.

Another design on the roof that would do wonders is the addition of a skylight. If you have an attic or a mezzanine that would benefit from a roof window, then this reroofing is the chance to transform your home’s upper facade. Best of all, a skylight will provide good natural lighting, and give the house a nice modern touch.

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