A Simple Guide to Roof Punctures: Causes And Prevention

A Simple Guide to Roof Punctures: Causes And Prevention

When it comes to taking care of a Lafayette home, keeping the roof spic and span should be on top of our list of priorities. From gutter cleaning to draining water off the roof, there are times when we feel it necessary to get up there and give our property a thorough clean. However, this practice could cause our roofs more damage than we realize. Read on as we shed light on why that is, and how you can avoid making the same mistakes for your home. 

What Are Punctures? 

Punctures are small holes on the roofing material that could potentially cause problems such as leaking and other more complicated-to-solve issues if the holes are left untended. Punctures are most of the time caused by human carelessness, wherein owners and tenants alike attempt to clean, maintain, repair, or just simply walk on the roof of their property. There is also the unlikely chance for falling debris to cause roof punctures, especially in homes surrounded by trees or exposed to lots of flora and fauna. 

What Can Punctures Do To My Home? 

Like we previously mentioned, punctures will eventually result in water leaks if the holes remain unrepaired during seasons with heavy rainfall. These leaks are able to damage the interior of the home, create a wide variety of safety hazards, and even greatly compromise the structural integrity of the roof itself. 

How Can I Avoid Roof Punctures? 

Roof punctures are most usually caused by humans, meaning one of the simplest ways to avoid puncturing your roof is to stay off of it. While hanging out on top of it may seem fun for some people, it won’t be fun for much longer when you’re left having to pay for damages or worse, an entire roof replacement. 

You won’t have to get to that point if you handle your roof with care, and only clean the roof from a ladder. If you plan to do some maintenance work or repairs, we highly recommend getting in touch with a professional roofing contractor to get the job done. Put your faith in a professional, they know what they’re doing and they’ll get the job done without causing any further damages to your property. We also highly recommend hiring your IN contractor to conduct semi-annual roof inspections to make sure everything’s in tip-top shape all throughout the year. 

Roof punctures are at constant risk of occurring, especially if there’s a lot of activity happening on your Lafayette, IN home’s roof, but by being observant and prepared for when your roof is at risk, the issues can be mitigated and managed relatively well. But if you’re not confident in your skills, don’t quite have the time to be this attentive to your roof, or simply need a helping hand, Wilkinson Roofing is ready to help. Wilkinson Roofing prides itself on being able to provide quality roofing needs to clients, whether it be installation, repair, maintenance, or inspection.