Are Your Trees Causing Roof Damage?

Are Your Trees Causing Roof Damage?

The trees around your home provide those sweet breezes during the spring, and they provide shade in the summer, but they might turn out to be quite a nuisance during the fall and winter months. The trees around your home can cause serious roofing damage, and it’s best to know what to look out for before you experience a roofing system failure. In many instances, homeowners don’t realize just how dangerous these trees can be until they see the damage themselves.

 This doesn’t mean you need to eliminate trees from around your home. Trees help to cool the temperature in your home, they add beauty to your landscaping, and they provide fresh air each time you step outside. Homeowners should, however, be aware of tree dangers and keep up with their roof maintenance to ensure trees are less likely to become a roofing liability.


How Trees Damage Your Roof


Trees can cause damage to your roof in a number of ways, some of these include:


  • The risk from hanging limbs – For those who have majestic oak trees or similar large trees around the home, hanging limbs are a big concern. Throughout the year, some of these limbs can weaken or die, leaving you at serious risk of that limb falling onto your roof at any point. During the cold fall and winter months, a strong breeze can take these limbs right off of the tree leaving you with extensive roofing damage in a matter of seconds. It’s important to keep these limbs trimmed throughout the year to ensure you don’t run into a roofing catastrophe.


  • Clogged gutters – Gutters have the important role of carrying water away from your home during rainstorms, but they can’t carry out this task when they’re filled with leaves and debris. During the fall months, falling leaves from nearby trees are likely to wind up in your gutters, which can then cause water to begin pooling on your roof and around your home. Cleaning your gutters regularly during the fall season can help you to save your roof.


  • Pest infestations – Trees attract wildlife, which can be a great thing and a not so great thing at the same time. Seeing birds singing in the tree on an autumn morning can make your day, but it might not make your day to learn that a raccoon family has taken up residents from the tree onto your roof. If you have trees around your home, have your roof checked for pests regularly.


Taking Care Of Your Roof


When your home is surrounded by trees, it’s imperative to have your roofing system checked regularly and serviced by a professional roofing contractor. Our roofing professionals know just what to look for to take care of your roof during the autumn season and throughout all of the seasons of the year. If you’re interested in having your roof checked for debris, leaves, pests, or pooling, contact us at Wilkinson Roofing.