Five Roof Maintenance Tips For Spring

Five Roof Maintenance Tips For Spring

There are two times of year that you should schedule some roof maintenance. The first is in the fall to prepare your roof for the harsh Lafayette winters. The second is during the early springtime to repair any winter damage and to help protect from the coming spring storms. To get your roof ready for spring, here are some maintenance tips to get you started:

  1. Clear Out Your Gutters

With the coming rains, you want to make sure that your gutters are free and clear of any debris. Your gutters are designed to help direct water away from your home. Clear gutters will ensure that you don’t end up with any leaks in your roof or ceiling. They’ll also make sure that you don’t get any pests who will reproduce in the still water sitting in clogged gutters. 

  1. Check For Loose Shingles

Take a look at your roof. Are there any loose, cracked, or damaged shingles? Broken shingles can lead to leaks and other forms of damage like mold and pests. Also, think back over the winter, did you pick up any loose shingles that flew into your yard after a storm? In either case, you should schedule to have your shingles repaired right away. As soon as the springs rains come, you’ll be protected if you get these repaired immediately.

  1. Check The Flashing

Flashing is the metal strips that are used to bolster the seams of your roof. They are usually found on the angles or around features like vents and skylights. Cracked, loose, broken, or even rusted flashing can lead to problems with leaks. You also want to make sure that the caulking around the flashing isn’t cracked or damaged either because water can easily seep underneath and cause more leak problems. 

  1. Examine The Soffits

The soffit is the wood trim and paneling underneath the roof. You can find the soffit usually between the wall of the house and the underside of the roof. This area is often overlooked when homeowners are inspecting a roof themselves. Look for any damage, cracking, or soft spots. The soffit is a critical part of the roof infrastructure and needs to be in great shape. If you see any damage, call a professional roofer to help.

  1. Get A Roof Inspection

Checking your roof by yourself is very dangerous. Furthermore, without proper training, it’s easy to miss damage. The best way to protect your home and make sure your roof is in good condition is to hire a professional roofing company to do an inspection. They will find any areas that need to be addressed and fix them so they don’t become bigger problems.

To keep your Lafayette roof in great condition this spring, call the experts at Wilkinson Roofing. For nearly 25 years we’ve been helping Lafayette homeowners keep their roofs in great shape no matter the season. Give us a call to schedule your roof inspection today!