Four Tips To Prepare Your Home For A New Roof

Four Tips To Prepare Your Home For A New Roof

Getting a new roof can be a very exciting prospect. Not only are you protecting your home, but your house will look like it has a brand new design. If you’re having your roof replaced, there are a few things you can do to prepare so the process goes smoothly. These things can help make the installation process less disruptive and ensure that you and your family have a great experience. Here are four tips to prepare your home for a new roof.


  1. Be Mindful Of The Noise


Roof installation is a pretty loud process. Your children and pets may not enjoy the noise. So make sure that if they are sensitive to loud bangs, make a plan so they can be away from the property. Also, make sure to designate “off-limits” zones to keep them safe. You can read some other tips on how to keep kids safe during home construction projects here. Once you’ve scheduled the appointment, also let your neighbors know that roofers are coming. This will help them prepare for the noise as well.


  1. Take Down Your Wall Decorations


The installation process can shake the home and rattle the walls. Anything that isn’t tightly secured may fall off the wall. Before the roofers come take down any picture frames, wall art, or items on wall shelves. This will protect them from falling off the wall and breaking. To be really safe, it’s also a good idea to take down any expensive chandeliers or light fixtures on the floor closest to the roof.


  1. Remove Items From The Work Zone


Roofers are extremely careful, but sometimes things fall off the roof. Make sure that anything around your home is moved out of the way. This can include things like grills, patio furniture, and outdoor toys. You’ll also want to move your vehicles and park on the street while the roofers are working. This will reduce the risk of damage from an accident. If something does happen, don’t worry. A good roofing company has insurance to cover these types of accident damages.


  1. Do Some Landscaping


If any trees or shrubs overlap your roof, make sure to have them trimmed before the roofers come to get them out of the way of the installation. You should also mow your grass the day before the roofers come. The roofers will lay tarps to protect your grass during the installation, but keeping it mowed will help protect it. It will also help fallen debris be easier to find, making clean up quicker and more effective.


These four tips will ensure that your roofing process goes very smoothly. For more tips on preparing your home, speak to the contractors at Wilkinson Roofing. We’ll be happy to walk you through the full installation process so you know what to expect and can prepare accordingly. Give us a call anytime and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.