How Long Will It Take To Replace My Roof?

How Long Will It Take To Replace My Roof?

When a homeowner of Lafayette, IN knows that it’s getting to be that time for a roof replacement one of the most common questions they’ll ask is “How long will this job take?” A full roofing system replacement is a big job for the home and a major investment in your home’s continued safety and future. For homes in the Lafayette, IN area, the type of roof you have will have a big impact on just when it’s time to have this roof replacement conversation. While most roofs will need regular inspections and consideration for replacement after around 15 to 20 years, others will have longer lifespans of 50 years or more. The type of lifespan your roof may have can be communicated to you after you have an inspection by a professional roofing contractor.


While climbing up on your roof and assessing it might seem like a job appropriate for a savvy home DIYer, this isn’t really the truth. Roofing is nuanced, important, and dangerous, and roofing projects should always be left entirely to the professionals to ensure you remain safe and don’t further damage your roofing system.


Factors That Go Into Your Job Time Span


There are a number of factors that will go into answering the question “How long will my roofing replacement take?” Different roofing structures, sizes of homes, and what exactly you’re doing with your replacement will all come into play. Some factors that go into the amount of time your job may take are:


  • The weather – The weather isn’t something that is typically considered by area homeowners when trying to figure out just how long their job may take. Having a roof replaced in the cold winter months, or the rainy spring months, may take longer than setting up your replacement for summer or fall. When weather is dangerous or poor, your roofing professionals may need to take some time off until the weather situation is safe once again.


  • Your materials and design – The materials and design you choose for your complete roof replacement will also matter a great deal. More intricate designs and tricky materials will take more time than simpler choices. For instance, an asphalt shingled roof allow shingles to be installed in around a day or two, while the same roof using concrete shingles may take 8 to 9 days or longer.


  • Historical significance – If your live in a historic home, special care will need to be taken to replace your roof while maintaining the historical integrity of the space. Permits, regulation differences, and the process itself can be expected to take longer.



Taking Care Of All Roofing Systems


Whether you’re looking for a simple replacement, something more intricate, or a roof replacement for your historic structure, our professionals have you covered. Taking care of all roofing systems, call us at Wilkinson Roofing to learn more about what we can do for you, your home, and your new roof today