Is Your Roof Ready For Spring?

Is Your Roof Ready For Spring?

Winter is winding down to a close in Lafayette, IN. With the ice gone, the snow melted, and warmer weather ahead, you may think it’s time for your area roof to have a break. The real risks are gone for the year, right? While ice and snow can pose a lot of risk to roofs in the Lafayette, IN region, they’re not the only hazards your roof will deal with throughout the year. The spring season has its own unique threats to your roofing system, and it pays to go into this refreshing season prepared. 

Spring is a time for renewal, refreshment, and new beginnings – so why not give your roof the same treatment? Homeowners all over Lafayette, IN begin their spring cleaning inside, and then take their efforts out into the yard, perhaps stopping to do a little power washing on the structure of the home along the way. Why not give your roof the same treatment and care? 

The Top Spring Hazards For Your Roofing System 

There are a number of spring hazards when it comes to your roofing. Not only are you recovering from the winter months, but the spring months can pack their own punch in terms of weather as well. The top spring hazards your roofing system may face include: 

  • Trapped moisture damage – The spring season is full of new plant growth. Trees regain their leaves, lawns begin turning that beautiful shade of green, and flowers begin blossoming up from the soil. These leaves and needles, combined with those perhaps left behind from the fall, can gather on the roof, causing plenty of places for moisture to hide. Along with spring rain showers, you could find yourself dealing with trapped moisture in your roofing system. 

  • Failing sealant – Your sealant will contract in the cold weather and expand when the weather warms up. This can work just fine for a time, but it will begin to fail as time goes on. Sealants protect your flashing, and cracks or warps may form over time as the materials expand and contract throughout the seasons. A professional inspection will ensure your sealant remains strong this spring. 

  • Pest problems – While many pests were in hibernation during the winter months, they’re awake and ready to regain activity in the spring. Termites, ants, squirrels, and other pests may find their way to your roof as they try to make their way inside through the attic. Pests can do a great deal of damage to your roofing system that you may not find until a major problem occurs. 

Professional Roofing Care 

Professional roofing care makes sure that area homeowners have sturdy and safe roofing systems they need to protect their properties. For this spring season, opt for a roofing spring cleaning with an inspection and professional roofing service. If you’re interested in checking on the status of your roof this spring, or if you’re looking to have your roof repaired for the spring season, contact us at Wilkinson Roofing today.