Maintaining Gutters Is Essential For A Healthy Home

Maintaining Gutters Is Essential For A Healthy Home

Anyone that is a homeowner in Lafayette, IN right now is probably grateful to be in that position. As the country turns the corner on the COVID-19 pandemic owning a home is added security. It's a place to work from, if possible, but also a place you can rely on as yours and yours alone. When you're a renter, you're at the whim of a landlord for being able to stay.

However, as a homeowner in Lafayette, IN your home is likely the most expensive investment you've made. If you want it to retain its value, and perhaps more importantly, its ability to shelter you comfortably and reliably, you need to maintain it. The gutter on your roof is one crucial way to do this.


What Is The Gutter?

The gutter is a simple but elegant water management system built onto the roof of most homes. It is a cost-effective and comparatively low maintenance technique that uses solid materials and physics to do the work. The gutter is essentially a trough for handling water that flows from a roof due to rainfall or snowmelt. The majority of homes have a sloped roof to allow gravity to move the water downwards. At the bottom of that slope is the gutter, which then runs the water off.

The gutters are connected to a pipe that runs down the side of the home and eventually stretches out a few feet away from the house to empty the water. Because there are no moving parts, this is a simple but effective water management system that homeowners don't need to spend a lot of money to maintain.


The Issues


However, despite the simplicity of the gutter concept, that doesn't mean that it's guaranteed to work flawlessly forever. Given enough time, specific issues or circumstances can occur that impact the performance of the gutter.

For example, a common problem in the fall is the gutter getting clogged with leaves. If trees overhang a roof, then falling leaves will naturally drop to the roof and, in some cases, the gutter. This can eventually block the flow of water. Similarly, the gutter can be blocked or damaged by animals, such as birds nesting or squirrels using the gutter for food storage.


The Problems


When a gutter is blocked, this means water is no longer flowing through the pipes and away from home. If a blocked gutter leaks water down the house's side, this can eventually damage the foundation. Depending on the age of the foundation and whether it's been treated against water penetration, water dripping directly from the side of the home can, with enough time, eventually damage and crack a foundation.

Foundation repair is an extremely costly measure. A much cheaper alternative is to ensure that gutters are kept in good condition and adequately maintained for water flow.

If you live in Lafayette, IN and you want professional roof work, we can help. Contact Wilkinson Roofing, and we can assess your roof and layout what needs to be done to repair and maintain it.