Roof Leaks During Winter: What You Should Do

Roof Leaks During Winter: What You Should Do

Temperatures are rapidly dropping as we welcome wintertime. With the new season, everyone has a lot of things to prepare.


Preparing Residential Homes

Aside from a wardrobe change, Lafayette, IN residents should also make sure that their homes are ready for the cold season. Drafty rooms, slippery driveways, and frozen pipes are the main concerns. However, many forget about one crucial part of their property.


The roof is one of the most vulnerable parts of a home. It is directly affected by various external factors as it protects the interior of the structure. That is why ensuring that it is in its best condition at all times is necessary.


Ideally, a roof can withstand extreme conditions. However, it may experience damage through time. If left unattended, it may take you by surprise. It may even cause roof leaks.


Common Causes

One way of preventing roof leaks during wintertime is to prepare for the possible causes. Here are some of the most common issues that lead to winter roof leaks that Lafayette, IN residents, should prepare for:


  • Clogged GuttersCondensation in the Attic
  • Missing, Cracked, or Damaged Shingles
  • Ice Dams


What To Do

Preparing your roof for winter can help prevent any issues. However, you should still be aware of what you should do in case you notice a leak.


When it comes to winter roof leaks, it is crucial to identify the problem as early as possible and call a professional roof repair company. Doing this can avoid huge expenses and further damage.  


  • Inspecting your Roof

It is necessary to conduct regular roof inspections. This way, you can easily spot areas that need repair or replacement. However, it may be hard and dangerous to do a full self-inspection during winter.


What you can do is check the interior of your home. Are there leak spots or molds? Is there a musty odor in any of the rooms, especially the attic?


In most cases, leaks would show signs of water stains on both exterior and interior walls. Water may also drop from the ceiling or flow through the ventilating fans. 


  • Getting Expert Help

Once you notice a leak, it would be best to call a professional. Experts will be able to inspect the roof more thoroughly and evaluate the situation. They can recommend the best course of action and fix the roof accordingly. Depending on the situation, certain repairs may not be done immediately due to safety concerns.


  • Finding Temporary Solutions

Weather plays a role in roof repair. So, the process may take longer. In such cases, a professional roofer may provide a temporary solution until they can fix the issue for good.


Winter roof leaks can cause serious problems. So, the best solution for Lafayette, IN residents is to call a reliable roofing expert, Contact Wilkinson Roofing. We have been in the business of helping protect homes from various weather conditions since 1996. You can schedule a free roof assessment for inspections and estimates.