Three Cold Weather Roofing Hazards To Watch For This Winter

Three Cold Weather Roofing Hazards To Watch For This Winter

Lafayette winters are known for getting pretty cold and wet. This can be very damaging to our home’s roofs and can lead to things like leaks in the future. During the winter months, it’s always good to monitor the roof of your home for any signs of winter damage. Staying vigilant can help you recognize problems and have them repaired before they become larger issues. Here are three roof hazards to monitor for during the winter months.


  1. Ice Dams


Ice dams most often form in the gutters. They are the result of snow melting on the roof, draining to the gutters, and refreezing. This creates a “dam” of ice that blocks the flow of any water. If the water on your roof cannot drain, it will settle. These are especially prevalent if your gutters contain other debris like leaves. So it is crucial before winter weather hits, you have your gutters cleared. Over time, these dams will cause water damage and can lead to leaks. Monitoring your gutters for the appearance of ice dams can help ensure that you get the dams cleared of any ice and ensure the snowmelt is draining off your roof.


  1. Snow Load


Lafayette has had its fair share of heavy snowstorms. When there is a large amount of snow piled on your roof, it can cause a “snow load.” Snow load is the weight of the snow bears down on the roofing structure. If the roofing structure cannot handle the weight, it can lead to the roof collapsing in on itself. Though rare, snow loads are a big problem if they happen. Regular maintenance and repairs will ensure that the snow load does not collapse the roof. Whenever there is a large amount of snow, make sure to monitor the weight and if you notice any issues, contact a roofing company immediately.


  1. Blizzard Wind Damage


The Midwest is known for having crazy wind storms. These can be especially bad during blizzard conditions where the winds carry snow and ice. High winds can damage roofs in normal times by ripping off shingles. However, in the winter they are even more destructive because of the presence of snow and ice. After any major wind storm, inspect your roof for damage like loose shingles. If you notice anything, contact a roofing company immediately to have it repaired. Otherwise, the snow and ice can melt and lead to leaks and water damage.


Winter weather conditions can really be hard on your roof. So it is really important to monitor your roof after any storms during the winter months. If you notice any issues, give the roofing experts at Wilkinson Roofing a call. Since 1996 we have been helping Lafayette residents protect their homes from the harsh winter conditions. We’ll do a full inspection of the roof and resolve the issue right away. We’ll also advise you on how to prevent the issue from happening again so that you can protect your home in the future. Give us a call and we’ll happily answer any questions